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​The Communications Center

The Intercollegiate Communications Center was established with the assistance of the Israel Ministry of Education in order to meet the technological-pedagogical needs of the various teacher education and education institutions in the country.
The objective of the center is to advance teacher educators, teachers, educators and students of education in institutions of higher education, by supporting both their pedagogical and technological needs. The Center's professional services include providing assistance in online and computer-mediated learning so as to improve teaching and learning skills.
The Center’s activity focuses on the following domains:

Online learning

The goal of the Center is to position distance teaching platforms as a simple and accessible infrastructure tool for the teacher educator. The Center, a leading force in Israel in the field of e-learning, offers a selection of solutions: Moodle, Elluminate, social networks, access to databases, storage and management of online videos, Sharepoint, and more. The advantage of the Center is reflected in the full integration among the various environments and in the way they are tailored to each particular organization.

Cloud services 

The Center’s cloud services offer a broad range of solutions for clients’ IT (Information Technology) systems. The services include storage of websites and servers, information security, electronic mail, web Sharepoint applications, and NET and PHP environments. The uniqueness of the Center's cloud services lies in the ability to provide a comprehensive solution for the inclusive needs of the educational institutions' data centers. The Center offers management interfaces that enable servers to be set up, managed, and operated as if they were located in the organization itself. The infrastructures are based on the VMware ESX Ent environment, Netapp storage systems, and distance backup.

Communication and security

The Center holds an ISP license and has undergone the regulation procedures of the Israel Ministry of Communications. Its internet access services include business lines-based broad-band infrastructures and a link to ADSL infrastructures for home users. The business infrastructures include a unique security system, QOS management, and the sampling of traffic rhythms 24 hours a day.

The Center is constantly adding, improving and updating its services both at its own initiative and in accordance with the requests of its various clients.