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Center of Technology, Education and Cultural Diversity

Israeli society is a diversified society, as is evidenced by the different types of educational institutions and teacher education colleges which represent these different cultures and trends.
The technological reality of the 21st century allows for in-depth acquaintance with other cultures based on common universal values in addition to unique values of each culture, thus developing a more open understanding and respectful dialogue.

Teacher education colleges train the future teacher population for technology-based environments, for change and for a pluralistic society emphasizing the cultural uniqueness of each community. Inter-cultural dialogue is essential for knowledge and mutual respect as well as for a better enlightened human future.

In light of this rationale, the Center of Technology, Education and Cultural Diversity (TEC) has developed inter-college as well as online activities between academic staff and students in the different colleges and in the schools. These activities include conferences, academic courses and inter-school projects and initiatives. The Center is partially funded by the Ministry of Education and philanthropic organizations.

The Center was founded in January 2005 by the Heads of the IT departments and the Principals of three teacher education colleges: Kibbutzim College, Talpiot College and Al-Qasami College. In 2007, three additional colleges joined the program offered: Lipshitz College, Sachnin College and the Technology Teacher's College. In the following years, classes of students from the Arab College of Haifa, Levinsky College, Givat Washington College, Kaye College, Hemdat HaDarom College, David Yellin College and Oranim College joined the initiative as well.

The teaching and learning model developed at the Center has also been adapted to school age children. Since 2007, together with Amirim in the Ministry of Education, fifth and sixth graders from nine schools throughout Israel have been studying online and learning about technology with children from three sectors in Israel; secular Jewish, religious Jewish and Arab.


The Center has ties with international organizations, and research has been carried out, published and presented in conferences around the world. The Center is interested in forming more ties with international organizations.
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