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Studies Channel

The School of Professional Development

The School of Professional Development was founded over twelve years ago as part of in-service courses offered to teacher educators in Israel to enhance their professional development.
The overall aim of the studies is to substantiate theory and link it to practice by furnishing the teacher educators with essential knowledge and tools for their work in their respective colleges.
The School offers four two-year and three one-year specialization programs. The content in these courses is considered to be at the core of the different roles of teacher educators.
Two year courses:
  • Mentoring and Instruction
  • Management in Academic Institutions
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Education

One year course:
  • Dialogue in Education
  • Writing in Teacher Education
Currently, each program includes the learning of theory, group discussions and a practicum.
The graduates earn a diploma. Teacher educators who do not have a teaching certificate can use this diploma as an equivalent.


The Studies Channel offers courses and workshops especially trailored to the professional development of the teacher educator. These workshops are both professionally oriented as well as offering the teacher educator avenues for personal development. The great majority of these courses and workshops are offered in Hebrew.

Center for Administrative Staff

The School for the Professional Development of Administrative Staff within the Colleges of Education was established reflecting the belief that the two branches in teacher education – the academic and the administrative - can work collaboratively, hand-in-hand, towards achieving a common goal. The Center offers professional courses for administrative position holders, holds forums, and offers internal managerial counselling.