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​​The International Conference on Improving University Teaching (IUT) held ITS 42nd annual forum that focused on the theme, "Assessment Revisited", at THE Mofet institute in Tel Aviv

The International Conference on Improving University Teaching (IUT) held its 42nd annual forum, which focused on the theme, "Assessment Revisited", at The MOFET Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel. The conference was attended by 98 participants from the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, the UK, and Israel. Each year, the IUT Conference offers participants from across the globe an opportunity to share practices, discoveries, and challenges in improving the effectiveness of post-secondary teaching and learning. The IUT Conference examines topics relevant to students, faculty, and staff in institutions of higher education as well as to representatives of the business world and organizations concerned with higher education. The overall conference topic included six sub-themes:

  • Assessing student learning
  • Evaluating faculty performance
  • Rating educational institutions
  • Improving self-assessment
  • Summative versus formative assessment
  •  Recent research in assessment​

The assessment topic raised controversial issues that sparked lively discussions. The topics ranged from self-assessment to peer assessment, alternative assessment, group assessment, and design assessment of micro and macro levels of evaluation. It also raised several ethical and moral considerations such as anonymous or alternative assessment. The impressive opening plenary talk by Prof. Amitai Ziv of Tel Aviv University dealt with stimulation-based education and its assessment regarding the health profession. Prof. Amitai introduced the safe and "mistake-forgiving" environment that enables students to assess their own performance and understand how it enhances and accelerates their learning.

During the closing plenary, Prof. Ray Land from Durham University presented an overview of initiatives and modalities relating to teaching excellence in institutions of higher education at the local and the European level. The president of IUT, Prof. Jim Wilkinson, closed the conference at the Yitzhak Rabin Center with an announcement as for that the forthcoming one would be held in Australia.