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Coming Up

 "How good is your online course?​" 
(held in English)

 October 07, 2018​​

 "In and Out of the City - Mobile Learning​​"
(held in English)

 October 11, 2018​​

 Online Academy

Registration for next semester (October 2018) 
for MOFET's Online Academy is open!!!
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July 9-10. 2018:
Our yearly two-day international meeting on "Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language".

This was, no doubt, a celebration of a well consolidated community. Nearly 150 participants shifting between theory and practice, exchanging information, experiencing tools, presenting models and sharing common difficulties. A unique event both in content and organization. ​

​ Seminars

Within the framework of our seminars for teachers and educational leaders from Spanish speaking countries, a follow-up seminar took place for the first time. The participants were all previous seminar graduates, who wished to deepen their studies with us with an emphasis on initiations in education and teacher training. 

This, together with the celebrations of Israel’s 70th year of independence, produced a unique seminar entitled:
“Pioneering, Initiatives and Educational Innovations in the 70th year of the State of Israel.”

The feedback received from the participants is evidence that the purpose of the seminar was fully achieved and there is already a request for a further seminar. Until then, MOFET will continue to accompany the participants (online) in assimilating the models and issues learned here, into their educational frameworks.

Between May 21 – 25, we conducted a face-to-face seminar on the topic of “Important Dimensions for Building Expertise in teacher education”
with an emphasis on the components of the role of the pedagogic instructor. The participants – five senior staff members - including the Academic Vice-Rector - from the Salomé Ureña Higher Institute for Teacher Training (Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salomé Ureña), in The Dominican Republic.