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March 2017​

​Online Academy

We welcome our students – veteran and new, who have just started a new semester in the Online Academy.

We wish you all a professional and most fruitful learning experience



We are pleased to announce that in August 2016, The MOFET Institute was awarded an Erasmus+ project, PROTEACH, dealing with capacity-building in the field of higher education (Key Action II). The three-year project, consisting of 11 partners (MOFET, six Israeli colleges of education and four European universities), will benefit from an EC contribution of €1,000,000.
PROTEACH seeks to capitalize on the recommendations of the EU’s “Handbook for Policymakers on Developing Coherent Induction Programs” (2010) to create a more effective model of teacher induction, namely, MIT (Multi-player Induction Teams). This model takes into account all areas to be considered when developing coherent and system-wide induction programs, supports newly-qualified teachers' diverse needs, and empowers these teachers to become active players in their own induction process and in their schools, at the same time increasing their retention rates.

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