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Coming Up

I've been Studying this Language for Nine Years
and I Still Can't Speak It. How is This Possible?! 

(held in Hebrew)

 September 08, 2019​

Let’s Teach in Museums in a Scientific
and Fun Way
(held in English)

 September 15, 2019​

 Workshop Tools​ (held in Arabic)

 September 22, 2019

 Online Academy

Registration for next semester (October 2019) 
for MOFET's Online Academy is open!!!
Click here for more information​



July 8-9, 2019:
Our yearly two-day international meeting on "Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language".

This was, no doubt, a celebration of a well consolidated community. Nearly 150 participants shifting between theory and practice, exchanging information, experiencing tools, presenting models and sharing common difficulties. A unique event both in content and organization. ​

 ​​International Conference

The 7th International Conference on Teacher Education
The Story on Innovation in Teacher Education​
June 24 - 26, 2019 @ The MOFET Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel.