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​​​​​​From Classroom to Classroom​ - Online Seminar - April-May 2018​​​​​

Session 4:

Promoting Autonomous Motivation for Teaching, Based on Self-Determination Theory: Principl​es and Research Findings​​

 Dr. Haya Kaplan ​
 Thursday, May ​3ʳᵈ, 2018​​
 09:00-10:30 p.m. Israel time (for other time zones, click ​here​​​​).​​


The lecture will focus on presenting Self-Determination Theory in general, and the necessary conditions for the advancement of autonomous motivation and self-determination among teachers in particular.

The main issues that will be discussed are:

  • Psychological needs and types of motivations: From autonomous motivation to controlled motivation.
  • Principles of the theory for teacher training: Student teachers and novice teachers.
  • Research findings showing the applicability of the theory.

Dr. Haya Kaplan​

Dr. Haya Kaplan is a senior lecturer at the Kaye Academic College of Education. She is head of both the Center for Motivation and Self-Determination, and "Growth Resources – Kaye Experimental Induction Unit". She is also an academic advisor for in-service programs for teachers.

Dr. Kaplan's fields of interest include:Advancement of motivation and self-determination among pupils and teachers; Induction processes and motivation of novice teachers; Processes of change in the educational system, both in the Jewish and Bedouin sectors; The central theoretical framework for research and for educational intervention is Self-Determination Theory (SDT, Ryan & Deci, 2017).​