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​​The Online Academy: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Today English is an international language and used for global communication. In all forms of international exchange people are expected to be proficient in speaking and writing in English. Moreover, despite the advancement in digital translations we still need to develop good listening and reading skills in English.
English foreign language teachers are expected to give their students high quality teaching in English as a foreign language using high level technology combined with a sound theoretical framework for language acquisition with the pedagogy for teaching languages.

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Program objectives:

The program's emphasis will be placed on the didactics of teaching English as a Foreign Language. The courses together give a broad backbone to teaching English as a foreign language, and are appropriate for those teaching English at all levels. Practicing teachers will be able to update, enrich and extend their knowledge of EFL education and its application in the classroom. All courses stress how to teach English in a global world.

Study Program:

This program includes both required and elective courses. Six required courses attempt to give an overview of the major issues concerned in language teaching and also to expose the participant to the didactics of language teaching. In addition to these required courses, six elective courses present the participant with opportunities to acquire skills in teaching English as a foreign language in more specific areas.

Upon successful completion of eight courses, six required courses plus two electives, for a total of eight credit points, the student will be entitled to receive a specialization certificate in "English as a foreign Language" from The MOFET Institute's Online Academy.

 Program Developer: