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Becoming an Online Teacher: The Theory and Pedagogy Behind It

​​Course Developer and Lecturer

Dr. Sarah Schrire

Course Description

There are no easy recipes or “how-to” manuals for online teaching, just as these do not exist for face-to-face teaching. Both are about sound practices that will engage learners in building a knowledge base around a designated area or field. Such practices are founded on the teacher’s understanding of learners and of the processes underlying learning, teaching, and assessment. Online teaching is therefore similar to face-to-face teaching but requires that the learning-teaching experience be contextualized in and tailored to the online setting. Different pedagogical perspectives will affect how an online course is presented to the learner, not only in terms of graphic design and course structure, but also in relation to the instructional resources and activities selected and especially in the ways in which interactivity is built and managed. 

Course Objectives and Outline

As a participant in this course, you will be exposed to an online environment that will enable you to experience online learning according to different learning theories and pedagogical approaches as well as supplement your knowledge about them. 

In the framework of this course, you will:

  • Connect your existing knowledge of learning theories, pedagogical approaches, and best practices to the online setting, while expanding your theoretical knowledge of these;
  • Experience online learning and corresponding assessments that have been deliberately designed on the basis of a variety of learning theories and take place in different ways at different points in the course;
  • Reflect on the learning experiences triggered by the different approaches and consider their implications for the directions that online teaching may take, both generally and in relation to you as future online teacher specifically;
  • Integrate insights from the course in the preparation of a proposal for an online course that you might implement;
  • Share your course proposal with fellow participants, both in its stages of development and in its final form, and be prepared to give and receive peer feedback.​
The course outline​


Target Population

The course targets teachers and teacher educators who are interested in learning about online course development and/or becoming online instructors. This course serves as a solid introduction to the theory and pedagogy of online teaching, and it is recommended that it be taken prior to or together with Becoming an Online Teacher: Thinking It, Trying It, Doing It.​

Prior Requirements

- English fluency;
- An academic degree at Bachelor's level.


14-15 weeks


A single course costs 250$.
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