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​The Courses ​

Basic courses:

  1. Teaching and Learning in the Information Age 
  2. Using Web 2.0 Tools to Transform Teaching and Learning
  3. Varieties of Text in the Digital Age: Teaching and Learning with Blogs, Wikis, and New Emerging Genres
  4. Social Media Tools as Online Learning Environments
  5. Becoming an Online Teacher: The Theory and Pedagogy Behind It
  6. Evaluation and Measurement of Online Courses​
  7. The Internet as a Source of Information for Teachers and Pupils 
  8. Teaching with Learning Management Systems
  9. Ethical Aspects of Learning in a Digital Environment

General Enrichment Courses:

  1. Learning, Teaching and Curating – Situated Digital Experience in Museums - New!!!
  2. Trees, buildings, signs, statues: Public space as a mobile learning environment
  3. Becoming an Online Teacher: Thinking It, Trying It, Doing It​
  4. ​Location Based Learning: An Experimental Learning Method Mediated by Mobile Platforms (Click here for the Spanish version)
  5. Information literacy: How to search, access and retrieve information sources​
  6. Teaching with Technology – an Historic Overview
  7. Online Forums, Email, and Other "Traditional" Methods of Communicating
  8. A Crash Course in Moodle
  9. "New" Theories of Learning for the Digital Age
  10. Integrating Graphics, Video, and Visual Thinking into the Learning Process
  11. Evaluation in a Networked Learning Environment 

Enrichment courses in particular knowledge areas​:

  1. Using the Internet for Language Learning 
  2. Digital Story Telling for Teaching Language Acquisition
  3. Integrating Technologies into the Teaching of the Jewish Year Cycle
  4. Using Technology to Teach Talmud and Tora​h She’Baal Peh​

Registration for educational and teaching personnel in Israel ​

Registration for overseas participants​​

The opening of a course is dependent on the number of participants.
If a course is not given in a particular semester, registrants may:​
1. Choose an alternate course from the ones that are offered;
2. Postpone studies to the following semester;
3. Receive a full tuition refund.​​