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Teaching and Learning in the Information Age

​​Course Developer and Lecturer

Mr. Jay Hurvitz

Course Description

"How do changes in the information landscape, and the use of computers in particular, influence education? Are these changes for the better?" These questions and more will be discussed in this course. We will examine the goals of education in a society with easy access to vast information resources. We will evaluate how the availability of tools that help us think and remember influences how we learn and how we should teach. We will examine how information technologies have influenced business and leisure, and attempt to determine whether this influence should also be felt in education.

Note: A large part of this course focuses on general cultural changes and not specifically on education.

Course Objectives and Outline

Through this course we will:

  • Attempt to understand what it means to teach when the teacher has ceased to be the definitive source of knowledge; 
  • Examine the changing face of "literacy" in the information society;  
  • Become acqu​ainted with the varieties of "text" available to us today;  
  • Understand the conflicting claims about how "Google is making us stupid"; 
  • Examine how tools that further the social nature of knowledge influence learning.​
The course outline


Target Population

The course is intended for teachers and teacher educators interested in the use of computers –particularly in order to influence education.

Prior Requirements

English fluency;


14-15 weeks


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