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​Using Web 2.0 Tools to Transform Teaching and Learning

​​Course Developer and Lecturer

Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky

Course Description

This course is largely “hands-on” with the goal of learning various Web 2.0 technological tools for teaching and learning. The course will focus on free Web 2.0 tools for furthering communication, collaboration, constructivist and project-based learning, and the creation of compelling course content. Some examples of web-based tools that will be utilized include WebQuests, blogs, wikis, Voicethread, Google Apps for Education, and PollEverywhere. The application of advanced presentation tools such as Smart Notebook, PowerPoint, and Prezi will also be discussed. The usefulness of cutting-edge technology models and general instruction will be debated. By the end of this course, participants should have completed a number of project-based mini-learning assignments as well as one larger project to share with their colleagues and students.

Course Objectives and Outline

At the conclusion of this course, the learner will be able to: 

  1. demonstrate facility in using Web 2.0 communication and collaboration tools for student discussion and knowledge sharing; 
  2. design and facilitate asynchronous discussion forums, audio and video group conversations, and opportunities for real-time student response that promote  student interaction, reading comprehension, and critical thinking skills;
  3. create compelling course content using various technological tools;
  4. construct engaging projects utilizing various technologies to help students develop in-depth knowledge and important skills.​
The course outline


Target Population

The course is intended for teachers and teacher educators interested in the use of advanced computer applications – particularly in order to influence education.

Prior Requirements

  • English fluency;
  • Ability to create basic word-processing documents and presentations;


14-15 weeks


A single course costs 250$.
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