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Welcome to MOFET's Online Academy!

The academy runs in two routes:

(1) An Online Academy for Teaching Jewish Studies and Hebrew. This track focuses on the acquisition of knowledge, teaching techniques, and online technological tools in order to improve instruction in areas of Jewish education such as Bible, Talmud, Mishnah, and so on. It also deals with the acquisition of knowledge, tools, and skills for teaching Hebrew as a foreign language from both the theoretical and the practical points of view, namely, the use and instruction of the language in a variety of age groups in Israel and abroad.

(2) An Online Academy for Teaching Information and Communication Technologies in Education and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This track focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills for integrating advanced information and communication technologies into teaching, as well as familiarizing the student with multimedia tools and online collaborative environments for teaching English as a foreign language.

Courses in Spanish:

In addition to the above routes, MOFET International offers courses in Spanish for Spanish speaking educators who seek to develop their teaching skills.​


The development of the internet has far-reaching implications for almost every aspect of our lives. The influence of the web on teaching and education has led to the development of the ability to teach and learn without being dependent on place or time.

The MOFET Institute, in accordance with its goals in the field of teacher education, and as part of the globalization movement, has joined the "revolution" and established an online academy for the professional development of teacher educators and teachers in topics from their areas of work.
The courses in this framework focus on didactics and on providing a variety of tools for teaching. Those who complete a full study program are eligible to receive a certificate of specialization in the didactics of teaching the field they studied (as opposed to a teaching certificate). The course developers and instructors are all senior staff members in colleges of education and universities.