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​Didactics of Teaching Talmudic Literature and Oral Law

"Teaching Talmudic Literature and Oral Law" is an online program of study designed to foster and improve teaching skills and methods in the field of Talmudic Literature and Oral Law.

Program objectives:

This course of study seeks to familiarize the student with the challenges involved in teaching Talmudic Literature and Oral Law, and to present educational strategies and teaching methods designed to confront these challenges. Emphasis will be placed on the goals, in terms of skills and values, involved in effective teaching, and on creative methods for achieving these goals.

Study Program:

The program includes six required and four elective courses. The required courses deal with the didactic problems and techniques involved in teaching different subjects within the fields of Talmudic Literature and Oral Law. The elective courses are designed to enrich the student teacher's own appreciation of the subject matter and to address some of the broader meta-issues involved in teaching these subjects. Upon successful completion of eight courses – six required courses plus two electives, for a total of eight credit points (the equivalent of 224 study hours), the student will be entitled to receive a specialization certificate in "Teaching Talmudic Literature and Oral Law" from The MOFET Institute's Online Academy.

 Program Developer: