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The Courses

Basic courses:
  1. Teaching Mishnah - Goals and Skills
  2. Gateway to Talmud - Using Mishnah and Tannaitic Texts in Talmud Teaching
  3. Methods in Teaching Talmud
  4. Teaching Talmud Commentaries Teaching Talmud Commentaries
  5. Teaching Jewish Laws and Customs - Goals and Skills
  6. Teaching Aggadah - Midrash, Talmudic Stories, Parables, and Sayings
  7. Using Technology to Teach Talmud and Torah She'Baal Peh

Enrichment Courses:

  1. Peshat vs. Derash – the Educational Challenge and Ways of Addressing it
  2. Individual Projects and Class Projects as Teaching Tools for Talmud and for Jewish Law
  3. Academic and Traditional Modes of Talmud Study and Their Educational Contributions
  4. Reading Talmudic Texts as Law, Literature, History, Culture, and Philosophy
  5. Teaching and Learning in the Information Age – an overview
  6. Teaching Narrative in Chumash - a Multifaceted Approach