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​The Online Academy: Teaching Jewish Studies

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Program objectives:

The program for teaching Jewish Studies is an online learning program that combines synchronous and asynchronous learning via the Internet. The objective of the program is to improve and update skills and methods pertaining to teaching various areas of Jewish Studies such as Talmud, Mishnah, the Bible, and so on. The program is based on courses in the framework of which the principles, methods, and ways of teaching the particular field of study effectively are learned.


The requirements of the program for teaching Jewish Studies include the selection of six mandatory and two elective courses out of a list of available courses. The two remaining mandatory courses can also be taken as elective ones. The mandatory courses deal primarily with methods, techniques, and didactic problems associated with teaching cardinal subjects in the field of Judaism. The elective courses deal with the enrichment of the knowledge of Jewish topics and complementary topics such as the integration of technology into teaching the Jewish circle of life, Jewish peoplehood, and Hebrew teaching, all of which support the teaching of Jewish Studies.

In the framework of the six mandatory courses, it is obligatory to take the course on teaching Web 2.0 tools for improving teaching and learning. This obligation stems from today’s need for the use of advanced technological tools in teaching.


At the end of the program, the student is eligible to be awarded a specialization certificate in the didactics of teaching Jewish Studies by The MOFET Institute’s Online Academy. This certificate is recognized and approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education.