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​​Ethiopian Israeli teachers' education and their integration in the educational field

A Scientific literature review for Olim Beyahad.

Authors: Amalia Ran Chief Editor: Liat Josefsberg Ben-Yehoshua

Press here for the full text in Hebrew


This literature review focuses on teacher education and integration of Israeli teachers from Ethiopian descent in the field of education and the schools system in Israel. The review presents the training process of students and graduates within the framework of special and alternative programs as well as in general education programs in academic colleges for education and in universities. Moreover, the review focuses on the integration of Israeli teachers and school principals of Ethiopian descent in the educational field and the teaching profession.

By examining the data on teacher education and terms of employment of Israeli teachers of Ethiopian descent (particularly in recent years, from 2011 to 2016), this review seeks to estimate the extent of their integration in the public sphere in particular, and in the Israeli society in general. This research goal is part of a wider strategic plan to promote the integration of teachers of Ethiopian descent as a social motor and as means for creating educational and public leadership in Israel.

We should emphasize that due to the complexity of this subject and the limitations of this literature review, rather than focusing on the cultural, ethnic, racial, discriminatory or other aspects, which impact on the professional integration, we will study in this framework the structural obstacles with which teachers of Ethiopian descent face during their job search and integration in the field, and we will point out alternative ways to overcome these impediments.


Key words: teachers of Ethiopean descent; special teacher education programs; teachers' employment; integration and matriculation.