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The International Channel - aims to disseminate the knowledge accumulated at the Institute and to collaborate with the global education community in order to foster systems of teacher education and teacher educators.
The MOFET Institute

What's On

MOFET JTEC - A Jewish Teacher Educators Community
MOFET JTEC, a Jewish Teacher Education Community, serves as an educational platform for Jewish teacher educators, teachers and community leaders throughout the world. This community serves as a means for creating deeper ties between the various Jewish communities in the Diaspora and Israel. It helps cope with problems of Jewish education in the Diaspora and with determining Israel's place in the Jewish education of the next generation.
Online Academy Educational Seminars Free Acdemic Portal

The online academy is an online framework offering courses and programs to educators interested in the didactics and the pedagogy of teaching.

8 to 15 day seminars that deal with a wide variety of topics relevant to Jewish education and teacher education.
Webinars and Forums Professional Visits Models and Programs
Online frameworks that deal with central issues in the professional work of teacher educators and teachers, and enable discussions, exchange of ideas, lectures by experts and more.
Cooperation  with academic and governmental institutions, various organizations and companies on a range of topics linked to teacher education.
If your organization is interested in collaboration, please contact us.
Extensive targeted programs including: Establishment of training and development models, support and evaluation of existing and future training programs and more.