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​Lerner Moore, Rachel E

Rachel E. Lerner M​​oore
 holds a Master's degree in Jewish Education in the Diaspora and in Hebrew Language from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is the author and coordinator of the Beineinu (Between Us) and Ivrit BeTorateinu (Hebrew in Our Torah) projects, which comprise a series of textbooks for teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language in secondary schools. Rachel served as the principal of the former Shazar College, the higher-education institution for Jewish Studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also served as a lecturer there. She taught Hebrew as an Additional Language and trained teachers in this field in the United States, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Argentina. At present, she is a lecturer at the "Yesod HaDat" seminary in Buenos Aires, and coordinates the program for teaching Hebrew language in the "Torateinu"  and "Joseph Caro" day schools in that city.​