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In the Press

MOFET International mentioned in the press and on the web:

-- 2015 --

04.02.15 | Radio Sefarad -- The example of The MOFET Institute. An interview with Dr. Sara Ziv, head of MOFET's International Channel​(Hebrew with translation into Spanish).​

-- 2012 --

05.03.12 | IG Iton Gadol News -- AMIA: An Important Meeting with Heads of Jewish Schools (translated from Spanish AMIA: Importante encuentro de directores de escuelas judías)

23.02.12 | Tech Rav -- My First Online Course

February 2012 | OAS - Educational Portal of the Americas -- MOFET Study Tours

February 2012 | OAS - Educational Portal of the Americas -- Information and Communication Technologies: Teaching and Learning in the Information Age

19.01.12 | AJN: Jewish News Agency -- AMIA Announces Agreement to Implement Training for School Principals (translated from Spanish AMIA suscribe acuerdo en Israel para implementar capacitaciones para directores de escuelas)

12.01.12 | AMIA -- Latin America and Israel School Principals (translated from Spanish Culminó el Encuentro Iberoamericano e Israelí de Directores de Escuelas)  

05.01.12 | AURORA -- International Meeting of Jewish Schools' Directors (translated from Spanish Encuentro Internacional de Directores de Escuelas Judías)
01.01.12 | The Lookstein Center -- The online Academy of The MOFET Institute, Registration is open (scroll down to 02 January 2012)

-- 2011 --

27.12.11 | IG ITON GADOL News -- Educators Participate in Jewish Conference in Israel (translated from Spanish Educadores judíos participan de encuentros iberoamericanos en Israel)
24.11.11 | Funglode -- FUNGLODE Presents the MOFET Institute Model (translated from Spanish FUNGLODE presentó el modelo del Instituto MOFET y su especialidad en la formación de formadores
21.11.11 | Funglode -- Conference: "Teacher Education in Israel: The MOFET Institute Specializing in Teacher Education" (translated from Spanish Conferencia: “Formación docente en Israel: El modelo MOFET Institute y su especialidad en la formación de formadores”)
01.10.11 | Israel Trade Commission: Sydney, Australia -- The MOFET Institute Study Tours
20.07.11 | Welcome to the Next Level -- Support your Local Sifriya!




29.11.09 | hagshama -- Federation of Jewish Communities of Entre Rios (translated from Spanish Encuentro de Capacitación de Dirigentes de la Federación de Comunidades Judías de Entre Ríos)


04.11.08 | John Connell: The Blog -- International Portal of Teacher Education


Additional mentions across the web

Shabaton -- MOFET's Online Academy (translated from Hebrew האקדמיה המקוונת של מכון מופ"ת)