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Academic Units and I nfrastructures

MOFET's mission is to serve as a professional meeting-place and to facilitate an educational dialogue among colleagues both in the teacher education system and in other educational settings.
The professional meetups and activities, offered by the Institute, afford: An exchange of opinions; broadening of knowledge; collaborative study; professional, personal and group development; creation and dissemination of knowledge and materials; initiation and development of system-wide directions and projects in fields of research and educational enterprise.

In order to accomplish this mission various units of action have been developed:

International Activities

headed by Dr. Sara Ziv
Aim – to brings MOFET's unique model to the educational world, and to makes its knowledge and experience in the field of teacher education, available to the global education and teaching community.


headed by Dr. Doron Lederer

Aim – to consolidate the teachers' professional perception and furnish them with essential tools for their work. In addition to the routine tracks, unique programs are devised in response to the needs that arise in teacher education and in the education system.
One of the leading programs in this unit is the School for Professional Development, headed by Dr. Rama Klavir.


headed by Dr. Yehudit Shteiman

Aim – to encourage teacher educators to transform their personal theoretical and practical knowledge into public knowledge that is available to the community of educators in the colleges and in the field. The Institute also publishes a refereed academic journal 'Dapim' which focuses on the theory, research and practice of teacher education as well as on its development.


headed by Dr. Ainat Guberman

Aim – to promote research conducted by the teaching staff in the colleges and at MOFET in order to raise the standard of teacher education and improve the status and image of the colleges, the teacher educators and the teachers.

Inter-Collegial Meetups

headed by Ruth Serlin

Aim – to afford collegial meetings in various settings and in a range of fields. Colleagues meet – face-to-face and online – to clarify shared topics, discuss various research studies, formulate standpoints, and so on.

Information Center

headed by Dr. Liat Josefsberg Ben-Yehoshua

Aim – to accumulate and organize databases of materials and documents that are unique to teacher education, and to make the easily accessible to the community. 

Research and Development

headed by Sharon Greenberg 
Aim – to provide communication services and develop state of the art teaching technologies for the benefit of individuals as well as academic institutions.

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