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Social Media Tools as Online Learning Environments / Dr. Danny Glick

Dear Dr. Glick:

I apologize for my late response. I have learned a lot in your course. It has being very rewarding to give my teaching practice a new direction. My sincere respects, thank you for sharing all that knowledge and please excuse me if I haven't complete any of the course requirements, it doesn't reflect who we Costa Ricans are and I take complete responsibility on my behavior, so you and the respected institution you work for won't give my fellow co-workers a bad reputation in any further alliance. We are hard working people, honest and responsible people, we are just not perfect

Martin Nuñez


I appreciate this great opportunity you kindly have granted me with. It has been a very enriching experience. Thank you for all your support.

Kind regards from sunny Costa Rica!


Dear Simon, Danny and Aryeh, thanks a lot for this great opportunity to learn about the effective use of social media tools to enrich learning environments. It was  a very interesting and fruitful course that will contribute a lot in my teaching.




Exposing Young Children to Hebrew as a Second Language and to the Jewish Culture / Dr. Efrat Harel

Hi Efrat,

i want to say thank you very much for everything, for all your support, all you teached us  !

I wish you a lt of sucsses in everything you do !😊

Aziza Kurc