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​​​Educational Leadership Seminars in Israel​

You are hereby invited to embark on a fascinating and challenging journey into the realm of Jewish memory in Eretz Israel. This journey is a personal as well as a professional (pedagogical and educational) experience that enhances the sense of belonging and commitment to the Jewish Peoplehood.During this journey, we will tour the country, read texts, and engage in dialogs dealing with present, past, and future. We will tackle the question of the desire to be an inseparable part of the chain of Jewish generations on the one hand, and the desire to exert an influence on the education- and value-based moral thinking of the future generation on the other. Yitzhak Tabenkin once said: “With every major question, I ask myself: What would my grandfather have said, and how will this affect my grandson?” We will explore what “Grandfather” would have said in response to the queries about Jewish Peoplehood, and discuss the question of how the memory of the past will influence the education of the “grandson” of the future generation.These seminars are targeted at educators and community leaders from English-speaking countries.In General Upcoming se​minars​​Past se​minars​RegistrationWe also conduct similar seminars in Spanish that are constructed to respond to Spanish-speaking communities and their needs.For the seminars in Spanish, click here.