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​​ MOFET International Staff

These are the staff members of the International channel:​​

Position at MOFET
Sara Ziv, Dr Head of the International Department +972-3-6901488​
Adnan Mohammed Abu AlhijaContent Sub-Editor of the Arabic-Language Academic Portal​ +972-3-6901488​
Penny Barsimantov Project Manager and Coordinator of the Academic Portals +972-3-6901413
Aryeh Ben Chayim, Dr
Director of the Online Academy​​+972-3-6988609
Netta Ben ShitritSub-Editor of the English-Language Academic Portal for Jewish Education+972-3-6901434
Simone BraunCoordinator of the Online Academy+972-3-6901488
​Khair DallashiAcademic Editor of the Arabic-Language Academic Portal


Esther Kalnisky, Dr
Pedagogical Editor of the Spanish-Language Academic Portal
Sara Kleeman, DrDesigner and Developer of Programs and Models +972-3-6901488
Miki Kritz, DrPedagogical-Technological Support+972-3-6988610
Tal Zalle​
Logistics Coordinator+972-3-6901438
Noga Niv
Webinar Coordinator | Coordinator ​of the Center for Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language+972-3-6901442
Aviel Peretz
Digital Media and Communication Coordinator for Spanish-Speaking Communities+972-3-6901493
Tsvika Riz
Digital Media and Communication Coordinator for English-Speaking Communities+972-3-6988613
​Shadia Sbait
Digital Media and Communication Coordinator for Arabic-Speaking Communities | ​​Marketing Specialist for​ the A​​rabic-Language Academic Portal+972-3-6901488 ​​
​Michla Shahar
Academic Coordinator of Programs and Projects​​ for Spanish-Speaking Communities​​​+972-3-6901479
​Tamara Shalom​Academic Director of the International Department​+972-3-6901421
​Ines Weller​Content Editor of the Spanish-Language Academic Portal+972-3-6901488
​Reuven Werber​Academic and Content Editor of the English-Language Academic Portal for Jewish Education+972-3-6901488
​Michal Zarzevsky​Content Editor of the English-Language Academic Portal​​+972-3-6901466