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היום הבינלאומי במרכז TEC 12/04/16

Storytelling is an essential tool in every multicultural education curriculum. Stories don't just tell:  they show, connect, and move.  The universality of stories allow us all to connect with our past emotions and experiences, and because of this, leave us with deep lasting impressions.   

The theme for this year's annual TEC International Day is "Let's Connect Through Stories".  On this day, thousands of children, teachers, leading scholars, renowned researchers and policy makers from different cultures, locally and internationally, will connect and interact together in project online and virtual environments.  Students participating in TEC4Schools have had the opportunity to share stories with each other, and will showcase some of these stories with each other and the rest of our community. 

The TEC center, now in its tenth year, connects students and teachers in year long online courses to promote multicultural learning, discourse, and understanding.  Using the TEC model of gradual contact, TEC programs brings together the different sectors of Israel's dynamic society, Arabs and Jews, religious and secular, for a joint learning experience.  Both TEC4Schools and TEC course participants, as well as visitors from Israel and abroad, have the opportunity to visit the virtual TEC Island, which is a three-dimensional space developed by the TEC center to learn and teach about multicultural education in Israel.