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​​היום הבינלאומי במרכז TEC 12/04/16


One year into the TEC4​SCHOOLS project, the children and teachers, as well as a control group, filled out questionnaires composed by an external provider to assess the effectiveness of the TEC4SCHOOLS program. 

The assessment shows that the children participating in the project are more tolerant of children from other cultures than their non-participating peers. Stances on cultural diversity among teachers in the project compared to those of teachers in the control group also differed, as manifested in the statement assessing their desire to form ties with teachers from backgrounds different from their own. The teachers in the test group also described themselves as trying to get to know people from other cultures.

​All in all, the findings indicate that the pupils and teachers in the project were very satisfied with it. From the children’s perspective, as expressed in their verbal responses, the high point of the project was the face-to-face encounter with their peers from a different culture, which left a strong impression on them, and allowed them to get to know one another in an unmediated, concrete manner, rather than only virtually. The teachers’ answers showed that they, too, felt that the program’s concluding meeting was “a moving and ethically important experience” that more than met their expectations.