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היום הבינלאומי במרכז TEC 12/04/16

​Technological Development

Social Network

In order to correspond in a safe closed environment with students and pupils studying within the TEC programs, we are constantly in search of an appealing social network. We need a place which not only allows the participants to feel they are part of an online community but also a place to carry out joint small group assignments to further develop trust and relationships. In addition,  we also require our social network to support three languages:  English. Hebrew and Arabic.

We are aware that technology is always changing and aesthetics  and site usability are imperative for good online interactions and we are always on the lookout for a social network which will suit all of these requirements. In the meantime, we have developed our own social network based on the ELG system. You can view our social network here


The TEC Island

Using OPEN SIM technology, we have developed our own virtual Island dedicated to tolerance and religious understanding.

The TEC Island contains houses of prayer for Muslims, Jews, Christians and Druze.  The island is filled with activities connected to the religions and their customs so that students can play games together and have meaningful discussions while learning about each other’s backgrounds.  

During the International day, the TEC Island will be a "festival of festivals" where you can take part in activities around the up and coming festivals for these four religions. Our topic is "telling stories" so you can sit around the bonfire and hear stories in three languages and take part in telling stories yourself. In addition you will be able to order virtual food in three languages and learn basic words in Hebrew, Arabic or English through our interactive market.  You can also see an exhibition of pupils work in the TEC4Schools national project around the Island.  There will be tours of the various sections of the virtual island during the international day so check out the timetable to join a tour. In addition, should you wish to experience our island please use the sign up form here and follow the instructions for downloading, installing and customization of the firestorm program.