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​​היום הבינלאומי במרכז TEC 12/04/16

Welcome to the TEC Island.

This is the place to meet up, have fun and learn with other cultures about the other cultures.

On our island you will be an avatar and be able to visit places of worship for 4 religions, Moslems, Christians, Jews and Druze.

But today on International Day TEC Island there will be a festival of festivals!

Each religion will share with you their festival with interactive activites and games. Experience passover in ancient Egypt!

Learn about Easter and Christianity through an Easter egg maze

Experience a real (or almost real) Arab market and learn about Ramadan and help give food to the poor!

Find out about the Druze religion and the Prophet Shoaib Day and try to find the information and pieces to make the Druze star!

Our International Day is about telling stories and connecting through stories so join us around the campfire and hear stories from all different cultures or tell stories yourselves. You can also write stories together on our collaborative poster boards.

Do we want to start learning Hebrew or Arabic? So come to the interactive fruit market. Talking about food,  there are three restaurant where you can order a variety of food.

For the artisitic there is a music center with instruments from various cultures which you can play and you can also try your “hand” painting on hands for the henna celebration. You can also come to our game area and play games and learn about other cultures.

To get a taste of what is going on you are welcome to see our virtual tour.

For the adventureous, you are invited to join us on the island.

To do this you will need to register for the island from our registration page and then follow the instructions on this document

Instructions of how to get around on the island can be found on this video.

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TECIselend7.jpg TECIselend8.jpg