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 TEC International Day will open with a tour of our virtual Island
​WE​​DNES​​DAY 13​.5.2015​​​​​​

International Day of the TEC Center 13/05/15

TEC International Day will open with a tour of our virtual Island ​WE​​DNES​​DAY 13​.5.2015​​​​​​

Prepare yourself 
Simultaneous​​ translations


TEC Island- G​uided​​ tour
We have arranged special guided tours of the Virtual TEC Island. The tour  includes visits to Holy sites and exhibitions of the work carried out this year in the TEC Center as well as a virtual food court where you will have to order in Arabic, Hebrew or English according to the restaurant!

A taste of TEC Island


All times are Israel time which is GMT + 2

For tours in Hebrew and Arabic​

please see the appropriate sites.




 13.05.2015  Synchronous panels and discussions​​

All the sessions will have simultaneous​​ translations to English, Hebrew and Arabic  
            All times are Israel time which is 
      GMT + 2​
Simultaneous​​ translations

New Zealand- Israel panel: Understanding multi culturalism through international classes. 
Chairperson:Dr. Elaine Hoter - TEC center
Prof. Niki Davis - University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Panel: Honorary Consul of New Zealand in Israel Mr, Gad Propper, and teachers in the project from New Zealand and Israel

Participants: Shevi Govrin, Eyal Ram, Ruti Peled, Ruthi Serlin, Roni Dayan, Dr. Asmaa Ganayem

Panel: School Pri​ncipals of Tec4Schools program

Led by Nizam Atalla​ and Tamar Avni

Dr. Miki Kritz and participating principals
Led by Prof. Roger Austin (University of Ulster, Northern Ireland) and Dr. Elaine Hoter (TEC Center)
with the participation of teachers and mentors from Northern Ireland and Israel: Lucy Greene, Dr. Manal Yazbak, Honayda Smarya, Inbal frankovieg  
An Island of Harmony

The TEC multi cultural  program brings together thousands of children and students from different cultures to study and interact together  in protected  online and virtual environments  In our international day you can ​experience​​ online collaborative learning with cutting edge educational technology with leaders of education in Israel and abroad

Operating instructions to particpate in the TEC Virtual Island Experience

Click here to prepare your computer for the Island

Video clip how to get into the TEC Island




Heritage in the net age

During the course of the year, the children got to know each other both in a personal and in a cultural sense. This acquaintanceship was accomplished via various technological modes; sharing pictures and reactions, voice files, and by preparing shared assignments.  

Download some games on the TEC Center

Israeli society poses special challenges in education because of its multicultural makeup, as well as its clear separation between the various sectors in the educational system. Enter and discover the unique challenges we encountered during our work on the TEC project. Share your opinions and ideas with us: How would you have acted in these cases?                                                                              

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TEC: Educational Innovation and Change in Israel

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