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​​​About the Center

The Center for Technology, Education and cultural diversity began its activities in January 2005 as a joint venture between 3 teaching colleges in Israel. Each college represented a different sector of Israeli society who would never normally meet (Arab. Jewish, religious and secular).
The first venture was an intercollege conference using advanced internet technologies, webinars and video conferencing. The following year saw the first inter-college course in Israel entitled "Advanced Learning Environments". Students from different colleges worked online in groups of 6 with students from other colleges. The year course consisted of bi-weekly synchronous meetings as well as asynchronous activities. Since 2005 12 teaching colleges have joined the program.
We now have college courses in Environmental studies and English Literature and plan to develop more inter-college collaborative courses in the future.
Since 2008, the TEC Center has been active in projects and programs in the school system. The Amirim-Tech project – a project together with the center for Exceptional pupils at the ministry of Education is a year course for talented pupils and offers an opportunity for pupils in the 6th grade to learn with pupils from other sectors of the population. The pupils learn and use advanced technologies to communicate and get together for online sessions. The highlight is the face to face meeting at the end of the year.
Since 2011, the Tec center is part of a junior high school project together with the international  Globes Project and the Ministry of Education where pupils study environmental issues together.
Since 2012 the center has gone international and has high school courses together with other countries.
2013 marks the beginning of a new program TEC4Schools where teachers in different subject areas in the 5th grades work together with 2 other teachers to form collaborative online learning between the classes.
The center offers opportunities for teachers in other countries to connect and work collaboratively with their classes- see TEC4Teachers
The Center is involved with research in the areas of collaborative online group learning and the building of trust between people.  These research projects are carried out nationally and with partners abroad, (noticeably -The University of Ulster, N. Ireland, Michigan State University, U.S.A., IDC,  Herzilya , Israel)
More information on each of the programs is supplied in the list.