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Cultural Diversity in a digital World 24/1/2012


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Opening Address
Dr. Miri Shenfeld, Dr. Elaine Hoter, Dr. Asmaa Ganaim, TEC Center,
The MOFET Institute

Dr. Michal Golan, Head of The MOFET Institute
Ruti Peled, Ministry of Education
Prof. Gustavo Mesch, Representative of the Israel Internet Association
Opening Lecture
Chairperson: Jay Hurvitz, The MOFET Institute; Achva – Academic College of Education.

Culturally sensitive blended online teacher education - including Indigenous Peoples

 Prof. Niki Davis, Anne-Marie Hunt, Dr.Julie Mackey, Donna Morrow, Nicki Dabner The University of Canterbury, New Zealand

 Language of the lecture: English

Session 1: Online Links between Cultures – The Research Aspect
Chairperson: Dr. Nitza Waldman, The MOFET Institute; David Yellin Academic College of Education.

Dimensions of Bridging Intercivilizational Conflicts and the Place of Virtual Dialog

Dr. Ben Molov, Lecturer in the Joint Department of Social Sciences and in the M.A. Program for Conflict Resolution at Bar Ilan University.
Language of the lecture: Hebrew

Moodle for Teachers: Connecting Educators with Diverse Background from Around the World

Dr. Nellie Deutsch, University of Phoenix
Language of the lecture: English
​Session 2: Learning in a Multicultural Environment: Online Links between Cultures in the Education System
Chairperson: Waffa Zidan, The MOFET Institute; The Arab Academic College of Education, Haifa.

Arab Schools Communicate in Online Multicultural Environments

Foad Dehamshe, National Project Coordinator for the Arab Sector, Ministry of Education.
Language of the lecture: Arabic

Identity versus Peace: Identity Wins

Dr. Zvi Bekerman, Lecturer in the Anthropology of Education at the School of Education and the Milton Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Language of the lecture: Hebrew
Session 3: The Internet as an Agent that Distances Cultures from One Another and Brings Them Closer Together
Chairperson: Dr. Smadar Bar-Tal, The MOFET Institute; Levinsky College of Education.

The Theory of Contact in Asymmetrical Relations: Five Models Of Planned Intercultural Communication and Interaction between Jews and Arabs in Israel

Prof. Yifat Maoz, The Department of Communications and Journalism and the Schweitz Center for Conflict Investigation, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Language of the lecture: Hebrew

Cultural diversity in the digital age

Dr. Nektaria Palaiologou, Assistant Professor In Intercultural Education, School of Education-University of Western Macedonia
Language of the lecture: English
Parallel round tables
(In the parallel sessions, there will also be an open discussion with the participation of the public.)

Round Table 1: Online Link among Children from Different Cultures
Chairperson: Elinor Adika, David Yellin Academic College of Education


Ruti Hotzan, Head of iEARN-Israel

Worldwide History Teaching

Dr. Moshe Shaner, Department of Israeli Philosophy, Oranim – The Academic College of Education.

Amirim TEC

Meira Avidar, Head of the Field of Excellence, Department of Gifted and Excellent Pupils in the Ministry of Education.
Dr. Micki Kritz, Project Manager. MOFET, Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and Arts.
Dr. Elaine Hoter, Program Head. MOFET, Talpiot – The Academic College of Education.
Riva Schweier, Gederot School.
Hani Aasi, Jaljulya A School.

Round Table 2 (in Arabic): Learning in an Online Multicultural Environment in a College of Education
Chairperson: Einat Rozner, The MOFET Institute; Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and Arts.   

Theory and Practice in a Joint Course at David Yellin Academic College of Education and Sakhnin College of Education

Dr. Aliza Yahav, Head of the English Department and Lecturer at David Yellin Academic College of Education
Dr. Manal Yazbak, Lecturer and Pedagogic Advisor in the English Department at Sakhnin College of Education.

Advanced Teaching Environments, Students and Graduates

Dr. Asmaa Ganayem, Head of IT at Al-Qasmi – Academic College of Education.

TEC - Sciences

Dr. Shai Shafir, Oranim – The Academic College of Education.
Prof. Muhammad Zidan, Al-Qasmi – Academic College of Education.
Dr. Oren Steinberg, Talpiot – The Academic College of Education.
Lina Ganaim, Al-Qasmi– Academic College of Education.

Round Table 3: Acquaintance among Cultures in the Digital Space
Chairperson: Dr. Ilan Nagar, Hemdat Hadarom – Academic College of Education.

People Israel – The Guide to Israeli Society

Prof. Oz Almog, Department of Israeli Studies, Haifa University, Editor of the website, "People Israel" – The Guide to Israeli Society.

Learning in Online Courses as Enabling Familiarity with a Culture

Dr. Rafi Davidson, Kaye Academic College of Education, Beer Sheba.

Round Table 4 (in English): Learning in an International Multicultural Environment
Chairperson: Dr. Alona Forkos, Levinsky College of Education.

Challenges of Higher Education in the Digital Era – An Online Research Group

Dr. Nitza Davidovitz, Head of the Unit for Development and Academic Evaluation, Ariel University Center

Cooperative Ventures among Universities for Learning Language in Second Life Environment

Dr. Miri Shonfeld, Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and Arts.
Dr. Adi Raz, University of Texas, Austin

British Council’s Connecting Classrooms 

Jen Charlton, British Council
Round Table 5: Digital Citizenship 
Chairperson: Dr. Lizzie Cohen, Levinsky College of Education.

Digital Citizenship

Nava Gilad, Israel Internet Association.

Cultural Gaps in Internet Knowledge and Skills in Israeli Society

Prof. Gustavo Mesch, Sociology Department, Haifa University.
Concluding panel

Chairperson: Rachel Krupel, The MOFET Institute; Ra’am Lipschitz Religious College of Education.

Opportunities and Challenges in Online Learning in a Multicultural Environment Lecturers from TEC Center, students and graduates

Lecturers from TEC Center, students and graduates
Language of the lecture: Hebrew
  In collaboration with Online Learning & Teaching Environments  


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