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היום הבינלאומי במרכז TEC 22/03/17

"If nothing is going well, call your grandmother." (Italian Proverb)

For most people, Grandma's tales, stories and recipes are the cure for everything.  Grandmothers have a special charm and magic. For children at all ages,  mothers know a lot, but Grandmothers know everything! A grandma always makes time for her grandchildren, shares wisdom, shows patience, gives joy and of course most of all, she  gives love. 

"Grandma's stories" is the theme this year for the TEC International Day where thousands of children, teachers, student teachers, leading scholars, renowned researchers and policy makers from different cultures locally and internationally will connect to discuss, present grandma's stories and interact together in protected online and virtual environments. Grandma's stories may have different interpretations. It may refer to her wisdom stories or that her tales are something from the past which is not valid today or it may refer to her healing recipes.

The TEC Center, now in its 11th  year, brings together pupils, students and teachers in year long online courses, using the TEC model, bringing together Arabs and Jews, religious and secular for a joint learning experience. Both TEC4Schools and TEC courses participants as well as educators and visitors from Israel and abroad will have the chance to visit the virtual TEC Island which is a three dimensional space which was developed by the TEC center to learn and teach about multicultural education in Israel.


Link to the TEC center: